The year is 2050. In a ritzy uptown hotel lies the dead body of Kevin LoveTeam, one quarter of the worldwide boy band phenomenon that is: LoveTeam. To crack the case, world weary homicide detective Georgina McAuley is paired with ingenue and celebrity cop Evelyn Prosser. The investigation into Kevin’s murder will lead the mismatched duo deep into the dark echelons of boy band politics, to an encounter at an abandoned yacht-club with a small-time street-dentist and a gang of endangered animal smugglers.

In 2016, Jordan and David were given a three-month writing residency at the University of Melbourne / Carlton Connect Initiative's LAB-14, a joint venture with the City of Melbourne's Creative Spaces program. The time was used to begin research and development into a cross-platform, interactive story event based on futures studies and scenario thinking.

Working with scientists, academics and futurists, David and Jordan developed four hypothetical scenarios for the world in the year 2050. In each scenario, a different set of choices over the next few decades is imagined, leading to worlds with very different social, political, economic and cultural facets. Between them, these four scenarios hint at some of the spectrum of possible futures that may emerge for us, and illustrate where our choices and decisions as a society might take us in a generation’s time. 

At the end of the residency, the research was presented as a work-in-progress table-read to a group of peers, and as an academic lecture / paper to the denizens of LAB-14.